Tatsuya Nakatani Workshop

By Bowerbird (other events)

Tuesday, December 5 2017 1:30 PM 4:30 PM

In the afternoon before his performance, Tatsuya will lead a hands-on workshop for musicians - of any level - interested in learning his unique approach to sound discovery and collective music making. Workshop attendees will perform in the "Nakatani Large Ensemble" in the concert later in the evening. 

Workshop fee: $30. 

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Central to Nakatani's philosophy of sound is the Japanese concept of space, expressed in "ma". "Ma" can be understood as being in-between, as silence or emptiness - space as air or space as interval in rhythm. "Ma" can be applied to music where the use of space relates both to making sound and not making sound. Listening and acting with an awareness of space around music and space created through music, ma thinking is introduced as a method for musical improvisation. Using careful listening in the context of the search for one's individual sound, students will explore the use of extended technique. By going beyond conventional approaches to an instrument, the use of extended technique grows the range of sounds available to the musician. Students are introduced to techniques which can expand the sonic possibilities of their instrument. In addition to demonstrating these methods and techniques, Nakatani will discuss the practical reality of living as an independent artist; booking, touring, promoting and performing. First-hand accounts of doing so while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a DIY approach will be offered to encourage the spirit of self-realization needed in working as an improvising artist.